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Welcome to Office 365 for Students

You’re just a couple of minutes and 3 steps away from activating your student account. It’s pretty straightforward and soon you’ll have access to a whole host of Microsoft Office features.


  • Once you have activated your student Office 365 account, most email messages from Athabasca University will be sent to your new student email address, and not to your current email address. More information on this can be found below.
  • You must complete all 4 activation steps below before you will be able to use your Office 365 account.

Activation Steps:

  1. Activate your new Office 365 student email account:

    Please visit this page to set your password and activate your student email account. This will activate your student email account. Be sure to record your new email address for step 2.


    • Your primary email address will be updated to your new student email address within 24 hours of activating your account. Most messages from Athabasca University will be sent to your primary address, so you will need to check it often, or forward it to an address you use regularly.
    • Your new email address will be displayed once you have successfully set your password.
    • You may need to sign in with your myAU account to reach this page.
  2. Wait a few minutes for your new password to sync to Office 365:

    Typically the password sync takes no more than 2 minutes, but on rare occasions it can take up to 15 minutes if the system is very busy.

  3. Login to Office 365:

    Once you’ve activated your account, set up your password, and waited a few minutes, you’re ready to connect to the Office 365 portal page. Use your new email address and password to sign in.


    • Your new email address was displayed during step one after you successfully set your password. If you missed it, please return to step 1 and set your password again.
    • Your new address does not have a u at the end of Athabasca, it is, not
  4. Setup your password recovery options:

    The first time you sign in, you will need to setup your password recovery options. This will allow you to easily reset your password if required. View Instructions

Optional Steps:

  • Forward your student email account to your personal account:
    Forwarding your AU student email account to a personal email address may result in not receiving messages from the university if your personal email address changes. Most popular email clients today allow you to easily set up and access multiple email accounts and we therefore recommend that you use this functionality if possible. However, if you prefer to forward your student email to your personal account, please click here for instructions.
  • Install Office 365 on your personal computer:
    Your Office 365 account includes free copies of Microsoft Office for your personal computers. View Instructions
  • Install Microsoft apps on your mobile device: 
    Your Office 365 account includes free copies of Microsoft apps for mobile devices. View Instructions

We have more information on Office 365 should you need it:

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